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April 15, 2013 Update:

The report is now three-years-old, is this Lethbridge Marketing Research Report still any good? Let me tell you this. A few months after completing the research I moved to Calgary, and in that time, David Howse Marketing Ltd. has become the premier marketing agency here. I have helped several business successfully launch based on this research. Some of my premier clients benefit directly from this Lethbridge Marketing research report. How can a three-year-old marketing research report from Lethbridge help Calgary businesses? Because it’s that good! I even had an Edmonton client wanting to buy a copy. Listen, Canadian are Canadians; we tend to get too caught up in small differences thinking things like, “because on city has 6 radio stations while another has 18 then the same rules won’t apply – that’s just nonsense!

When it comes to taking advice you are only ever faced with one decision – take it from a dummy or take it from someone who knows what they are talking about.

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Hundreds of hours of indepth research, market analysis, and local sales statistics packed into this condensed highpower report that reveals the stuff Lethbridge media sales people do not want you to know! This info could turn your marketing upside down but save you thousands in the process.

Limited advanced copies (only 30 available) for $499.00 until Nov. 30,2010. Thereafter $699.00

Note: advance purchasers will also receive the 2011 Lethbridge market update at NO CHARGE!

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