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April 15, 2013 Update:

The report is now three-years-old, is this Lethbridge Marketing Research Report still any good? Let me tell you this. A few months after completing the research I moved to Calgary, and in that time, David Howse Marketing Ltd. has become the premier marketing agency here. I have helped several business successfully launch based on this research. Some of my premier clients benefit directly from this Lethbridge Marketing research report. How can a three-year-old marketing research report from Lethbridge help Calgary businesses? Because it’s that good! I even had an Edmonton client wanting to buy a copy. Listen, Canadian are Canadians; we tend to get too caught up in small differences thinking things like, “because on city has 6 radio stations while another has 18 then the same rules won’t apply – that’s just nonsense!

When it comes to taking advice you are only ever faced with one decision – take it from a dummy or take it from someone who knows what they are talking about. For more information on the Calgary Business Industry and a successful businessman, visit Marc Bombenon. To read and learn more about another successful Calgary business, check out Triview Capital. This Exempt Market Dealer in Calgary provides financial investment opportunities for those looking to invest their money into something private or unique.

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As the largest city in southern Alberta, Lethbridge holds a vast array of cultural, business and historical value. Formed in 1890, the town of Lethbridge was originally home to members of the Blackfeet Nation. Years of mining and development have brought Lethbridge to the sprawling city it is today.

Lethbridge boasts a deep cultural and historical heritage. The Lethbridge Viaduct, known also as High Level Bridge, is North America’s highest and longest steel trestle bridge. At just over 100 years old, this bridge is an engineering marvel. Lethbridge is also home to Fort Whoop-up, a former whiskey trading post built by the Blackfeet Nation. The Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is a beautiful garden covering more than 4 acres with beautiful Japanese tranquility.

Art, culture and sports are alive in Lethbridge. Home to multiple theaters, a library, museum, numerous sporting arenas, parks and a ski resort, Lethbridge has something for everyone. The city of Lethbridge has designated 16 percent of city land as parkland, leaving a lot of areas for recreation including a skate park, climbing wall, disc golf course, BMX track, pools, tennis courts, baseball and other sports.

Lethbridge is overflowing with activities and history. Bookmark Lethbridgecity.info for detailed information regarding this incredible area.


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